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Loch Fyne Oysters and Seafood Restaurant started some eleven years ago and has since branched out to forty-six outlets all throughout the United Kingdom. With oysters and seafood as their main fare, they pride themselves in serving only the freshest catch straight from their farms where sustainable fishing is upheld.

Aside from serving truly mouth-watering seafood dishes, they are also advocates of taking care of the environment hence; they practice only proper fishing systems and farming.

When visiting any Loch Fyne Oyster and Seafood Restaurant from Alderley Edge to York; we can try a variety of oyster and mussel dishes; salmon and sea bass; plus other shellfish varieties; all prepared in special recipes from fish and chips to pasta and rice dishes.

And with the start of the holiday season, they have prepared a Christmas menu where we can enjoy all the same oyster and seafood varieties prepared in special Christmas recipes, all at an affordable cost.

To top it all off, we can take advantage of special offers like free kids’ meals on weekends. There are voucher codes available on the internet for more discounts and promos specifically for Loch Fyne. A voucher code may have an expiry so be sure to use it before the promo period ends.

We can find vouchers that offer discounted rates at any Loch Fyne restaurant; or we can get free gift cards; plus other free items.

Whatever voucher we have for Loch Fyne, we simply have to make sure that we bring it along when we dine in to take advantage of the promo straightaway.